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Destination Insights

3-Night Royal Romance

Unlock a Secret Deal and book a romantic Royal Romance Get-Away at Royal Hotels & Resort.  This is a perfect time to surprise your and

Destination Insights

Valentine SPA & Bite

Bookings:; +385 20 440 100 Book a romantic half-day Valentine SPA & Bite package on time and surprise your loved one. #nootheroption The offer

Destination Insights

Valentine SPA Gift Voucher

Bookings:; +385 20 440 100 This Valentine let you romantic charm out and secure your SPA gift voucher on time: Me Time for her

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Weekly SPA Special

Bookings:; +385 20 440 100 Massage Monday 20% off on any massage service There is nothing a massage can’t fix…     Tuesday For

Destination Insights

5 Whys to Love the Royal Sunset

Is there anything more poignant, more meaningful, more memorable than witnessing an epic sunset while traveling? It will inspire you Sunsets have been a constant

Destination Insights

Royal Beaches & Pools

Vast Beauty Dubrovnik is often called “The Pearl of the Adriatic” and many beaches, as well as the spectacular landscape along the Lapad Peninsula, where

Destination Insights

Bura & Jugo: the Story of Dalmatian Winds

If you are traveling to Dalmatia, it’s important to understand the wind.  Many Dalmatians believe the winds affect mood, health, food production and may even

Destination Insights

5 Reasons for the Royal Love

1.When Luxury Meets Nature If you are seeking for a luxury experience holidays located in the nature you are on the right place. You will


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