Importanne Becomes Royal

It is our great pleasure/excitement to announce that the hotel chain Importanne Hotels & Resort has officially been renamed Royal Hotels & Resort.

Investments 2020.

The re-branding process for our company has been communicated through a summary of steps which we formulated in 2020 to improve relevant services and quality.  Within next few weeks Importanne Group is finishing the 125 million kuna construction investment phase which includes the increasing accommodations capacity at Royal Palm Hotel, and the spa & wellness and boardwalk renovations.

Royal brand

The communication strategy for the Royal brand is done by emphasizing the high quality services through the use of infrastructural investments and specialized training personnel within the Resort.

One of the main communications focuses of the Royal brand is highlighting how all of the hotels in the group Royal Hotels & Resort are 10 meters away from the beach, and many of the hotel rooms have a direct sea view and a high number of apartments which are suitable for families.

The main characteristic of the Royal brand is the experience of opulent comfort experience which is defined by the spaciousness of the location.  Located in Lapad Bay, the hotel complex is among the only in Dubrovnik with direct sea access of only 10 meters and several kilometers of open space. The coastal boardwalk allows for guests and visitors to move freely between hotel facilities, outdoor restaurants, beaches and provides a direct connection to the Lapad neighborhood. The Resort has 5 hotels, 5 restaurants, 9 indoor and outdoor pools and a congress complex consisting of 14 meeting rooms with a total square area of 1.300 m2. All the sites are outdoors and the Resort is infused with Mediterranean plants and olive groves, as well as the main attraction the Blue Sky Lounge and rooftop infinity pool on the Royal Blue Hotel.

Safety and privacy 2020

Operationally we have adapted by ensuring social distancing:

  • Through serving meals a la carte
  • By reducing our restaurant capacity and increasing the distance between tables
  • Additionally, we have improved our cleaning procedures, such for room cleanings, by tailoring them to adhere to advice provided by our in-house biochemical engineer
  • Implemented senor-activated sanitization dispensers throughout the hotel
  • Introduced special protocols for group check-in and check-out

Royal Resort team will remain dedicated to all our guests and partners to provide a true royal experience. Keep on revisiting our website for the inspirational content & special promotions and incentives and reach out to our Reservations Team to book the Best Available offers at



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