Royal Resort – Croatia’s most successful company

ZAGREB, 29.09.2020.  Royal Hotels & Resort, operated by the company Royal Hotels & Resort, is the overall winner of the annual Golden Annual Report award 2019 (Zlatna bilanca). This award is issued to the most successful companies as defined by the financial critieria of the National Financial Agency (Fina) in Croatia.  Aside from the overall title, Royal Hotels & Resort also won an award within the hospitality category. 

The Golden Annual Report award is being issued for the 12th consecutive year to the company with the best rankings measured by financial indicators defining profitability, liquidity, indebtedness, activity and economic solvency.

Fina has evaluated a total of 4.008 companies that have met the economic and financial criteria for the year 2019.

Hrvoje Budimir, director of Fina’s regional office from Split, and his associates handed the award to Tom Zovko, General Director of Royal Hotels & Resort.

Over €100 Million Investments

During 2020. Royal Hotels & Resort, owned by Dr. Ciril Zovko, has undergone a re-branding process of the hotel group. Importanne Hotels & Resort has been re-named into Royal Hotels & ResortRoyal brand alludes to a higher level of service achieved through the improvements to infrastructure.  At the moment, there is a construction being performed at the resort. This includes expanding accommodation capacity, renovation of the wellness & spa,  landscape remodeling and renewing the promenade walkway.  All of the mentioned works are a 2nd phase of the investment cycle worth €20 million which will increase the accommodation capacity of Royal Hotels & Resort by 20%.

In Split, the company is preparing a capital greenfield investment into a touristic complex worth over €100 million. The plan is to employ additional 600 people while the city of Split and the state of Croatia will earn close to €30 million through taxes and various other appropriations.   Complex facilities include hotel, conference center, retail and condominium units.

Investment Continuity and High Construction Standards

Royal Hotels & Resort is a complex of multiple hotel properties and its adjacent venues. They have all emerged as a result of expanding the premises of Hotel Neptun, the Lapad peninsula landmark since the 1960s.  The group purchased hotel Neptun about 20 years ago, and has since extensively renovated it. However, most of the investments were of a greenfield type. These include building of 4 additional 5-star hotel properties, such as Royal Ariston, Royal Palm, Royal Princess (2012) and Royal Blue hotels (2017).  The total value of all the hospitality-related investments has amounted to over €100 million.   By the end of the year of 2021., Royal Hotels & Resort will have close to 500 accommodation units.  The complex annually generates over 130.000 overnights.

Awards for the Continual Quality

Royal Hotels & Resort have continually been winning awards for its service quality.  In 2017 and 2018 Royal Princess 5* and Royal Neptun 4* hotels have been selected among the top Croatian Hotels at the Days of Croatian Tourism summit.

Tripadvisor, the largest online Travel Review site, has also awarded the Royal Hotels & Resort properties for their superb service quality. A five-star Hotel Royal Ariston and a four-star Hotel Royal Neptun have won Tripadvisor’s Travellers’ Choice Awards in 2017 through to 2019. This has put them on the list of top 20 accommodation properties in Croatia. Tripadvisor encompasses more than 7.5 milion hotels, restaurants and attractions in its database, with more than 600 million reviewers.



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