Beaches of Dubrovnik

Highlight of almost any summer vacation, Dubrovnik and its surroundings offer a vast array of fascinating and clean beaches making the bathing and tanning specially adventurous.

Pasjača Beach

The web portal European Best Destinations has awarded Pasjača Beach in Konavle near Dubrovnik the title of European Best Beach 2019 after more than 32,000 voters from 116 countries cast their votes.

The beach is situated at the bottom of the steep Konavle cliffs and can only be accessed by going down the long, very steep stairs cut into the cliff, with a height difference of 250 metres from top to bottom. It is only a ten-minute drive away from Cavtat and a 30-minute drive away from Dubrovnik. With the steep cliff as a backdrop, this beach is a true miracle. When a tunnel to the sea was built in 1955, the excess rocks were left at the shore, and in a few years’ time, the waves transformed the rocks into pebbles and sand. This is how Pasjača beach was created. After a few years, the sea washed away all the sand, so the locals brought more rocks that were once again transformed into pebbles and then sand. They will continue to do so in order to preserve their little slice of paradise.

This beach is not a good fit for guests who are in search of large crowds, loud music, clubs and beach bars. Pasjača is the perfect spot for enjoying peace and quiet, the clear blue sea and beautiful nature.

Pasjača Beach, European Best Destinations‘ top beach of 2019.

Beaches on Lapad

The Lapad Peninsula is one of the most stunning area of Dubrovnik. Its shores are adorned with a variety of pebble and rocky beaches surrounded by natural shade of the nearby pine trees. Take a stroll along Lapad Bay promenade, find a good spot for a swim and complete your day with an outdoor activity.

Royal Hotels & Resort is located on Lapad. See a glimpse view of beaches and pool within the Resort.

Šunj Beach

The island of Lopud is home to Šunj, one of the most beautiful sandy beaches in Croatia. During the peak of tourism season, take a daily boat ride leaving the city to visit the island and stroll through its stunning nature to a beach with a view of the open sea.

Natural beaches on the island of Lokrum

Known as the Island of Love, Lokrum and its beaches will delight every visitor. Depending on your wishes you may choose to stop by a the Dead Sea beach in the interior of island or go bathing to rocky beaches facing the open sea—you can get to the island from harbour in the Old Town.

Copacabana Beach

This pebble beach is located at Babin Kuk and offers all the facilities and services you need for a great beach day.  It also features the access for the disabled. The refreshing water temperature here is the best invitation you’ll need in the heat of summer.

Copacabana Beach

Šunj Beach



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