Seamless Drive to Dubrovnik

If you are considering a self-driving trip to Dubrovnik with a tour of the surrounding regions along Dalmatian Coast, here are some updates that will turn your exploratory adventure into an exciting, yet seamless experience. 

Since January 1st, 2023 Croatia has adapted the use of euro as its official currency and also joined the Schengen Area.  In the summer of 2022, the Pelješac Bridge was inagurated resulting in elimination of border crossing with Bosnia & Hercegovina for travelers on their drive to Dubrovnik.

No Stopping at the Borders

Starting on January 1st, 2023 Croatia has become a Schengen member state within the European Union with the abolished controls at the boarders with Slovenia and Hungary. If you are passing through these countries on your way to Croatia, you will save time and better spend it enjoying a handful of rest stops on highway, state or local roads where you can enjoy the service ammenities and relish the views of a breathtaking Croatia landscape.

Pelješac Bridge – Direct Connection

The A1 highway in Croatia and Pelješac Bridge are vital in connecting Dubrovnik to the main cities in Croatia, such as Zagreb, Zadar, Šibenik and Split. Croatian highways have an impressive set of service attributes which include:

  • 75 petrol stations, 86 coffee bars, 26 restaurants and 10 hotels
  • 124 rest areas offering a wide range of merchandise, catering services, use of public toilets, wi-fi internet, ATMs, roadside assistance, showers, pet facilities, and tourist information on the surrounding natural and cultural attractions.

Peljašac Bridge is an architectural wonder in its own right.  It is a 98 m high cable-stayed bridge with 4 lanses that provides a fixed link from the southeastern Croatian semi-exclave to the rest of the country while bypassing Bosnia and Herzegovina’s short coastal strip at Neum.  The bridge was one of the most valuable infrastructural projects in Croatia.

No Currency Exchange

Also starting on January 1st, 2023 the euro replaced the Croatian kuna as the official currency.  This means that visitors from the Eurozone will be saved from the hassle of worrying about multiple exchanging of currencies during their stay in Eurozone.

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