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rejuvenation without botox? face without wrinkles? treatments that erase years? it's possible!

Firm-A-Lift skin tightening treatment: Tighten skin on your face and neck with microcurrent, galvanic technology and massage. Galvanic current works with positive and negative current. It reduces the signs of aging caused by stress. 

Skin radiance: Ultrasonic peeling and galvanic current for cleansing and restoring skin radiance. Ultrasonic peeling removes impurities, deeply cleanses and polishes surface impurities and pigmentation. It stimulates collagen production, reduces wrinkles and stimulates blood and lymph circulation. 

O2 treatment for sensitive skin: Reduces redness of the skin, infuses the skin with 95% pure oxygen, restores skin elasticity, stimulates skin tissue regeneration, cures and balances the skin. Light  Therapy – red light increases cell renewal, enhances microciruculation for filled and smooth appearance of existing wrinkles, leaves the skin firm and tight. Blue light: provides a strong antibacterial effect which reduces skin bacteria, decreases redness and has anti-inflammatory effect.

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