Notice on COVID-19

Dear valued guests of Royal Hotels & Resort,

The following information is in regards to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak and what we are doing in response.

As valued Royal guests, your safety has always been, and remains, our number one priority. We train comprehensively for these scenarios as part of our overall emergency response and stood up a COVID-19 direct response team immediately as the situation began to unfold.

Confident in our care

From the onset of the coronavirus, we have been in contact with the Public Health Agency of Croatia and other agencies around the world to ensure we are aware of, and aligned with, guidance regarding hotel stays.

In addition to the standard hotel cleaning that has been part of our daily schedule, we have introduced additional measures to increase the sanitization of our hotels.

We already disinfect and sanitize our hotel properities using industry-approved products and have also introduced additional measures in accordance to the Croatian Institute of Public Health (CIPH/HZJZ).

Additional measures at Royal Hotels & Resort:

  1. increased disinfection of the elevator buttons
  2. increased disinfection of restaurants and bars
  3. increased disinfection of hotel rooms (daily desinfection of the room locks and door knobs) and all the other surface areas in the rooms
  4. Placement of additional soap dispensers in the public areas which include personnel areas and lounges
  5. Frequent disinfection of seat armrests, handrails on all chairs

Our Cleanliness & Your Safety

Let us share an insight by our colleague Marko Kadum, the housekeeping manager whose professional contribution and a contribution of his staff have been invaluable.  Marko has an degree in biochemical engineering.

Marko Kadum, the Housekeeping Manager

At Royal Hotels and Resort we are motivated by our values to excel which are reflected in our behavior, as well as our choice of disinfectants. The market is currently flooded with all different types of cleaning products and we must have standardized operational procedures in terms of cleaning, which include high grade manufactured products and regulated practices. All the while, we have earned a certificate for standardized disinfection practices which are performed in hospitals. All of our employees have gone through rigorous training and have grasped the proper and quality techniques the industry requires.

At the start of the pandemic, we have introduced our staff to problematic ways of transmitting the virus, and how it behaves in the hotel environment and how to be responsible for the guests and to hotel teams. The theme of the training, among other things, was focused on the physical characteristics of the virus, the genetic material it affects (RNA rather than DNA), the modes of transmission, and its similarities to other coronaviruses, as well as its relationship to different subtypes of influenza.  By providing the extensive and all-inclusive theoretical and practical training, we are confident in our preparedness to provide safe & Royal service.“

Marko is a proud team member at Royal Hotels & Resort since 2013., and is managing a team of 30 housekeeping staff members. 

Your Travel Flexibility – Adjusted Booking Policy

To help you continue to book with confidence, we had already instituted a flexible change policy for all the non-flexible/prepaid/advance purchase rate plans.

Direct bookings through Royal website or through a Reservation center

If you have booked your stay for the period until December 31st, 2020, you may change your booking date, and the difference in rate plans will apply.  

You will receive a credit note for the charged booking redeemable for the arrivals in the period until December 31st, 2021.  Please contact

Important: please note that you are required to reach out to our reservations department prior to your arrival date & request a credit note approval.  Otherwise, there will be no subsequent credit note approvals.

Bookings through any other online or offline  agency (, Expedia, Hotelbeds, Jet2Holidays etc.)

If you have booked your stay at Royal Resort through any other agency, please contact the agency for further information.  Royal Resort is working closely with our agency partners.

Please rest assured that a some form of flexible reservation policy will also apply.

We hope this gives you confidence in the actions we are taking on your behalf. 

We remain committed to providing you a safe travel environment and look forward to welcoming you to Royal Resort in the near future.

Royal Hotels & Resort Team